Your guests or yourself pay us the service directly upon booking. Prices range from type of residence, square footage, number of rooms and bathrooms (below example prices for an apartment):

1 bedroom  from € 55, -
2 bedrooms from € 65, -
3 bedrooms from € 75, -
4 bedrooms from € 85, -

The correct amount is discussed locally and determined for the current year. So that year you have a fixed amount for these cleaning services whenever you need them. Prices are listed per property when booking.

What do we do with this cleaning service after you or your guests have left home?

Living space

All surfaces are being brushed up, mirrors and accessories are being put on, floor and carpet is being vacuumed and afterwards mopped with a disinfecting cleaning agent.



The complete kitchen and fridge are cleaned of perishable foods, all work surfaces and fridge are cleaned with a degreasing and disinfecting cleaning agent. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery are put back in place if forgotten by an oblivion. Pay attention! Any remaining dishes are considered as an extra service and passed on to the owner who can then recover the costs. The floor is first vacuumed and then mopped with a degreasing and disinfecting cleaning agent.



The beds are refreshed and the sheets are washed on the spot in your home. So make sure there are at least 2 sets for each bedroom. Should we take this with us, an additional service of € 30 will be charged. All surfaces are brushed, mirrors and accessories are put on, floors and carpets are vacuum cleaned and the floors are then mopped with a disinfectant cleaning agent.



The bathrooms are completely cleaned with a degreasing and disinfecting cleaning agent. Mirrors are clotted, bath mats, towels and washcloths are washed. Also ensure at least 2 sets per person. The toilets are cleaned, disinfected and descaled. The floor is vacuum cleaned and mopped with a disinfectant cleaning agent.



All glass, plastic, wooden and metal furniture is cleaned. The terraces themselves are mopped and the furniture is stored or covered with a storage cover if possible.



All bed linen, bath mats, towels, washcloths etc. are washed, dried and folded. If there are no immediate subsequent guests, all water and electricity facilities will be switched off. The fridge / freezer doors are opened so that you certainly do not have any extra costs.


You just ask us, we make it happen

All our customers are very important to us and we want them to be satisfied with our services. If you, as a customer, have specific wishes that do not appear in our service package, we would like to hear and adapt our services to your wishes.